Related Links : The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA : A site designed to heal, inspire, and guide you on your spiritual journey through the many resources, including weekly and monthly magazines, of The Christian Science Publishing Society. There is a link on the home page for the Journal Directory of Christian Science, where you can find Christain Science Practitioners* (CS) – whom you may call on for spiritual healing; Christian Science Teachers* (CSB) – who provide a two week course in learning how to heal effectively in Christian Science; Christian Science Churches and Societies – their addresses and meeting times; Reading Rooms – their location and the days and hours they are open; Christian Science Nurses* and Nursing facilities; Committees on Publication; and Christian Science University and College Organizations throughout the world. An ever increasing number of these specific organizations and individuals have their own websites and e-mail addresses. *Only those practitioners, teachers and nurses who have chosen to be listed in the online Journal Directory are listed. For a complete listing, see the paper edition of the Christian Science Journal, published monthly by the Christian Science Publishing Society, and available at our Reading Room before and after church services. : The Christian Science Monitor is an international newspaper founded in 1908 by Mary Baker Eddy. It is available in the following two formats: a weekly news edition — a printed version that comes in the mail (the weekly edition can be viewed online as a multimedia website) and an edition which is e-mailed to subsribers Monday-Friday called “Daily News Briefing.” : my Bible Lesson is an engaging spiritual resource for teen and young adult readers. Bible notes, timelines, word definitions, and translations support and illuminate each week’s Lesson. All this – together with the invaluable insights of the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson – helps you dive deeper into your spiritual study and find practical ways to apply what you’re learning to everyday life. : Christian Science Youth. Videos and Podcasts, Blogs and Articles, Discussion Forums, Church Resources, University Activities, Events.