Four Generations of Healing and Prayer for Family and Pets

Both sides of my family have been Christian Scientists for four generations. My mother’s grandmother was healed through Christian Science of a kidney disease pronounced terminal by a doctor, and after that she enrolled her children in the Christian Science Sunday School and began attending the church herself. One of my father’s grandmothers was also healed of a serious disease, which brought his family into Christian Science. We’ve witnessed many healings through turning to God in prayer in my family. When I was a child, I remember having the mumps and seeing the symptoms disappear in a couple hours as my parents and I prayed. As an adult, I’ve experienced instantaneous healings of colds and flu—the symptoms immediately vanished when I prayed. Appendicitis, a skiing knee injury, relationship problems, employment issues, and being lost in the Absoraka-Beartooth Wilderness are among other healing experiences I’ve had. Relying on God for health and guidance has blessed me in so many ways, including a lot of spiritual growth!

Some of my favorite healing experiences involved my first dog, Kindle. This is one of many: I went hiking with a friend in the Bridgers. As we hiked toward Ross Peak, Kindle heard distant gunfire and went to hide in dense bushes. We called and waited, but she wouldn’t come out. I finally suggested we keep walking, that she would either follow or hunker down till we returned. After the hike when we returned to the same spot and when I called her, she popped out immediately to join us. She was holding her head peculiarly, and when I looked I saw a singed spot. There had been some dirt bikes roaring by, and it occurred to me she’d had a run in with one and been hit by the hot tailpipe. I prayed, she was soon comfortable and moving normally again, and I didn’t think any more about it until a month later I looked at her and it appeared as if one side of the top of her head was partly caved in, and the eye on that side looked sunken in its socket. When friends noticed, they were freaked out and begged me to take her to a veterinarian. I finally did, so they’d stop being afraid for her and to find out what I was dealing with.

The vet said there was no treatment – that nerve damage had caused the muscles on that part of her skull to atrophy and that’s why it looked caved in. She explained nerve damage was permanent. She looked at me oddly when I grinned, so I quickly explained I’d be praying for my dog, and I didn’t view the situation as irreversible. It shouldn’t take knowing there’s no medical solution to throw yourself utterly into prayer, but I was pleased not to have to weigh any choices. I called a practitioner, someone who is in the full-time practice of Christian Science healing, and asked her to pray for Kindle. I continued praying myself as well, and stopped looking at Kindle’s head so her odd appearance wouldn’t distract me from seeing her as God did. A couple evenings later I was lying on the couch and she came over and gave my face a little lick. She had never done that before unless she was asking for something. This time I had the distinct sense she was saying thank you. I met her eyes and saw her head was totally back to normal.

–MBY, Bozeman

Christian Science – Health Care for Children

In 1903 my grandmother found Christian Science while living in the wilds of Alberta, Canada. My grandfather was dying of tuberculosis and she was crippled by arthritis. Two young men that Mary Baker Eddy, the Founder and Discoverer of Christian Science had sent as missionaries to western Canada, gave a lecture on Christian Science that my grandmother attended. She was so inspired by their talk that she asked them to come and see my grandfather. He was healed instantaneously and so was she. My grandfather went back to being a conductor on the Trans Canadian Railway and my grandmother became a Christian Science practitioner.

Shortly after my grandmother became a practitioner, my mother was born prematurely in Medicine Hat, Alberta. She was so small that no one expected her to survive. She was put in a shoe box next to the wood stove to keep her warm. Through the prayers of my grandmother she thrived and went on to have an active, meaningful life.

My dad was not a Christian Scientist, but he agreed to my mother’s wishes that my sister, two brothers, and I be raised in Christian Science and rely on it for our health care. We had many healing over the years. One that I particularly remember is when as a child I was healed in an afternoon through the prayers of my grandmother and mother of the effects of being stung numerous times by yellow jackets after I had disturbed their nest in an orchard.

My husband is a Christian Scientist and together we raised four children with Christian Science being our only source of health care. Our three sons and daughter had many healings growing up, including quick healings of childhood diseases, asthma, sports related injuries, broken bones, the effects of a serious automobile accident, and school related challenges. Our children remain Christian Scientists and they are raising their children in the Christian Science Sunday School, relying on the teachings of Christian Science for their spiritual education, growth and health care.

Several weeks ago we were caring for our two year old granddaughter who was obviously not feeling well. My husband took her in his arms and began to sing “Shepherd,” which is one of the children’s favorite hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal. Within a very short time she was happily playing with her toys, healed and totally free.

Since the time of my grandparent’s healings, our family has depended on Christian Science to meet every need, whether it is a need for healing of disease, accident, financial, relationship, or any other discordant challenge. Our eight grandchildren, with another one on the way, are the fifth generation to benefit from the healing truths of Christian Science. For this and the many blessings we have received, I continue to be unspeakably grateful.

–A.H., Bozeman

Trusting the Still Small Voice

“I shall follow and rejoice, All the rugged way,” writes Mary Baker Eddy in one of her poems (Feed My Sheep) that has been set to several lovely hymns in the Christian Science Hymnal. What a humble, listening state of mind that short declaration suggests. I have learned that, if I make that humble state of mind my own, and truly follow my Father-Mother God’s voice – that “still small voice” that is always talking to us – I make less mistakes. Life just goes along smoother.

One example that comes to mind: When I was about 20 years into my music and English teaching career, the quiet voice suggested that I start making rehearsal tapes for my choir students. I had no idea how to accomplish this, so I started doing research to see if there was a digital way to accomplish the task. One thing led to another, and before long, I had learned to use a computer in conjunction with a digital piano to sequence (digitally record) choir music and make cassette tapes to give to my choir students so they could take their music home and do homework with the tapes. Students learned their music much faster and sang their music error free. Nearby church, community and college choirs heard about what I was doing and started asking if I would prepare learning tapes of the Messiah, Mozart Requiem, Vivaldi Gloria, and so on. Before long, I had prepared rehearsal tapes for numerous major choral works.

I didn’t know why the quiet voice had asked me to start this new project, but I was happy to obey and trust what I was being asked to do because it was benefiting my choral music groups so much as well as helping nearby choirs learn the major choral works.

It wasn’t until about 10 years and about 100 major choral works later that I understood why I needed to have started this new activity. One day my high school principal called me into his office and told me that he wanted the choral music program to change directions from a classical music standpoint to show choir and musicals. In a heartbeat I realized that the program would need someone else to direct it. I asked him to please find a young drama/music person to take my place the following year. I taught only English the last two years of my 32 year teaching career, while building up my repertoire of rehearsal tapes for the major choral works during those two years.

Towards the middle of my last year of teaching I had to make a formal decision to retire early from teaching (I was only 56) and embrace the rehearsal tape business full time. The income from the rehearsal tape business had not yet equaled my teaching salary, so it was going to take a “leap of faith” to retire from teaching. My wife and I prayed diligently, asking God to guide us to the right decision. Within a short time, He spoke to us both, telling us that it was the right time to take the step, even though the income from the rehearsal tapes was quite a bit less than what we would need to take care of the usual financial obligations we had incurred over the years.

Trusting God’s quiet voice, we took the step to retire from teaching. The next year the rehearsal tape business exploded with new activity even beyond what we had expected. At the end of the year, the income from the rehearsal tape business equaled the previous year’s teaching salary, and continued to grow very fast from then on.

I am very grateful for daily study and growth in the healing Science of the Christ that Mrs. Eddy gave us. My family and I have enjoyed countless healings of all kinds of illnesses, triumph over financial challenges, and growth in grace. Christian Science has blessed our lives immeasurably, and taught us that we can, indeed, trust the “still small voice” to guide us harmoniously through every step of life.

–GRH, Bozeman

Back Pain Healed

A while back I was awakened around 2:30 A.M. with an excruciating pain in my lower back. I had experienced back pain almost as severe as this before that had kept me up most of the night, and made me leave my bed to try and find a comfortable position somewhere in the house, just pushing through the night.

This night I immediately, as the pain began, looked to God. I held God in my sights. I took each word of the Lord’s Prayer and listened to it. I held on to God as the only power present in my life. I knew that I was a reflection of the only good. I didn’t just say the words – I worked on it as if I was working out. My concentration was deep. I knew that what I was doing would heal me. I wasn’t afraid, and didn’t feel the need to wake my husband to help me.

After a time of intense thought, I felt an enormous amount of lovely heat on my back. It wasn’t a fiery furnace heat, but deep and soothing, and then the pain was gone and never returned.

I am so grateful that I have my Pastor, the Bible and Science and Health, (the two books our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, designated to be our Pastor) with me at all times, and that I know that Christian Science works.

–skj, Bozeman

Child’s Broken Arm Healed Quickly and without Pain

On the first day of summer my nine-year-old son made a daring leap off the monkey bars at the park and broke his arm. His daycare supervisor, who heard the bone snap, called me, and I started praying immediately.

As I drove to the emergency room, I knew that my son could never be separated from God’s care. I declared that he was a child of God, protected and pain free. There could be no “break” between him and God.

My son had been taken by ambulance to the emergency room. When I arrived at the emergency room, they had already determined that the arm was definitely broken. We were told which doctor’s office would see him immediately to x-ray and set it.

In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy writes on page 401, “Until the advancing age admits the efficacy and supremacy of Mind, it is better for Christian Scientists to leave surgery and the adjustment of broken bones and dislocations to the fingers of a surgeon, while the mental healer confines himself chiefly to mental reconstruction and to the prevention of inflammation.”

I explained to my son, who previously had had all his ailments treated through prayer, that in this case it was right to have the doctor put on a cast for protection, but not to worry because I was already praying for him, knowing the Truth that God had made him perfect and intact and intended to keep him that way.

The doctor had me stay in the room while he made sure the bone was in place and put on the cast. He warned my son before he started to work that this might hurt when he had to reposition the bone and that he could expect to have a lot of pain for the next few days, maybe so much that he wouldn’t be able to sleep.

We had to return for checkups every three weeks. My son and I continued to pray daily, knowing that God was in charge and we could expect a perfect healing with no pain and no after effects. Genesis 1:31 says, “And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” So, I told my son, if God made only good things, evil is nothing and will just fade away from our experience. We don’t have to accept negative thoughts or be afflicted by them.

The cast came off two weeks early. I asked the doctor if this was unusual. He knew that we were Christian Scientists and that we had been praying. He informed us that two weeks early was not so unusual, but what had impressed him was that my son had had no pain when he set the bone and that he hadn’t lost any sleep the first few nights. The doctor said that to be pain free after this type of break was highly unusual and confirmed that he felt that could only have been the result of our praying.

My son was extremely happy to be able to resume his normal summer activities of swimming and baseball. He has never since had a problem of any kind with this arm, and I am extremely grateful for this demonstration of complete and pain free healing.

–A.B., Bozeman

Grateful for Bozeman Christian Science Sunday School

My family is so grateful to the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Bozeman, MT for expanding its Sunday School into cyberspace. For the past several months we have participated in Sunday School from our home which has enriched us all.

The nearest Christian Science church is 85 miles away and it is a challenge to make it there every Sunday. We live in the town of Gardiner, MT at the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park with a population of 800. Weather permitting we try to make it to church at least once a month. In the past, when we couldn’t make it to church we held Sunday School on our own. Mary Baker Eddy was so forward thinking in implementing a weekly Bible Lesson that anyone can study anywhere, at anytime. While this gave our family a chance to have Sunday School time, our children much preferred the real thing.

It was a pleasant surprise when the Bozeman church announced that they were discussing the possibility of providing us with Sunday School via Skype on the days we couldn’t make it to church. This allows the children to “attend” Sunday School through the computer where they can see and interact with their teacher and peers right from our kitchen table. Some logistics had to be worked out but the perseverance of the Bozeman church members is much appreciated and the fruits of their labor are evident.

One recent Sunday, our children attended Sunday School remotely. Some of the ideas shared by their teacher included the accessibility of God to each one of us, no matter what. They discussed how we can 1) ask God for help, 2) listen, and 3) then thank God (for a better understanding). A couple of days later those ideas were put into practice. Our son came home from school not feeling well. He asked to listen to some Christian Science podcasts (another great source of spiritual care and insight) that we downloaded onto our iPod. Later in the evening we were also able to talk about some of the ideas his Sunday School teacher had discussed in class. Shortly after that our son threw up and declared how he had gotten rid of the old man and was putting on the new. He slept peacefully the entire night and was feeling like himself again the next day.

I am so appreciative of the efforts of the Bozeman church to include us in their church family even from so far away. I know the ideas my son needed for healing were in place because he could attend Sunday School via Skype and learn about the relevance and accessibility of God to him and everyone.

–MJJ, Gardiner

Quick healing of chemical poisoning

As a teenager in 1971 I was healed of chemical poisoning exclusively through reliance on Christian Science treatment. My summer employment was spraying pesticides on vegetable crops, commercially. Protective clothing and respirator masks together with weekly blood tests were standard. However, at one point I found myself lying in bed in pain suffering from the symptoms of phosphate poisoning. I had experienced healings through Christian Science treatment for myself, and seen it for family members and others. So, it was natural for me to call on a Christian Science practitioner for a mental healing treatment. What I was told takes drugs and a week of treatment and convalescing to heal, was healed with Christian Science treatment in one day — with no drugs; pain gone; health restored.

–DJ, Bozeman

Instantaneous healing of a deep gash

A while ago I had the opportunity to prove once again the immediacy of Christian Science healing – when the principles taught by our Master, Christ Jesus, and explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy – are put into practice.

I was in my wood shop trying to finish an order so that I could ship it to the customer. I was already a couple of days behind so I thought I had better work faster than normal. The first seeming mistake I made was to work in the shop in a pair of shorts. The next seeming mistake was to be in a hurry at the band saw. Normally I would pull the scrap wood away from the saw and throw it in a barrel that stands nearby. That day I decided it would be quicker to pull the wood off the table and let it fall to the floor.

I had been working for a while when a rather large piece fell off the table and I felt it hit my leg. At first I didn’t pay any attention to it because it never really hurt. As I worked for a few more minutes it felt like warm water was running down my leg. It was at that point I looked at the leg for the first time. I saw a pretty deep gash several inches long in the leg and it was bleeding quite a bit. My first thought was to condemn myself for being in a rush and not working as carefully as I should. How stupid could I be?! I immediately reversed that false, mortal suggestion, as we are taught to do in Christian Science. I reasoned that I could not be “stupid” because I was God’s beloved son who was made in His likeness. At that point – as I was looking at the material evidence – I spoke aloud to the erroneous belief of accident. I said, “If you are trying to impress me or frighten me you had better do more than this. I’m not impressed by your claim of injury.”

At this point I turned off the saw and continued to deal with the situation with specific Christian Science prayer, as I have been doing all my life. I did take a rag and wipe the majority of blood off, and then I began to pray. I remembered what Mrs. Eddy tells us in Science and Health (page 411:10–12), “If Spirit or the power of divine Love bear witness to the truth, this is the ultimatum, the scientific way, and the healing is instantaneous.” I also remembered the story in the fifth chapter of the Gospel of John where Jesus had met a man at the pool of Bethesda who had been an invalid for 38 years. He had been waiting for the “troubling of the water,” thinking that, – if he could only be the first to step into the water when it was troubled – it would bring the healing he was looking for. The Master simply said to him, “Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.” The man was healed instantaneously.

I reasoned that if Jesus could heal a man who had been sick for 38 years instantly, healing this situation that took place only a few minutes earlier should be easy. As Mrs. Eddy said, “If Spirit or the power of divine Love bear witness to the truth…..the healing is instantaneous.” I began to know that the truth of the situation was that I was not “stupid” but rather the loved, intelligent child of God, and that I did not have to pay a penalty for any supposed mistake. I knew that nothing on my physical body could suggest that I was anything less than God’s son. I prayed along these lines for a couple of minutes. I knew the healing was complete because my thought had changed from “you stupid mortal” to knowing that I am the blessed, intelligent child of God who experiences no blemish or injury whatsoever. I stood in awe as I watched that gash close as if you were zipping up your jacket! I thanked God and rejoiced in the healing I had just witnessed. This all took place within 15 minutes. I saw proof the healing was complete when I took my shower a couple of hours later and couldn’t tell which leg had been involved.

Not only am I extremely grateful for this healing but for the fact that Christian Science has been my chosen health care for my entire life. Not all of my healings have been as instantaneous as this one, but each time I have needed healing it has always come. I have found that any situation that tries to convince me that I am a vulnerable mortal can be corrected by applying the Science of the Christ. Physical, financial, emotional, relationships, even world problems, – it makes no difference in what form the challenges appear – they can all be healed by the application of Christian Science.

–J. S., Bozeman